Just chillin’!

Hey, sure has been a while since I’ve updated this hasn’t it? There’s been no excuse, just that I haven’t really bothered to sit at my computer long enough and write! But uni will be starting again soon so I’ll have plenty of time to update!

AT the moment I’m at my place by myself, just chillin’ and listening to DC Talk. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to them and I had forgotten how much I like their songs! When I was at Ev and Jo’s on Monday night, Ev had Jars of Clay playing (their self-titled album) and when I heard the songs it just took me back to another time and place completely! I could picture myself in my room in DeCarle St, curled up in front of my heater (as it was winter!) listening to the songs and trying to get over yet another crush that was to remain just that! I so have to get a copy of that album as it is also another one of my favourite cds, and at the moment I only have it on tape and my tape player in my stereo doesn’t work! 🙁 Don’t worry, I’ll live!

So what’s been happening? Well since the start of Jan, I’ve been working 2 days a week and just taking it easy and getting some things sorted out on the other days! Rich, my parents and I went to the tennis on day 4 as part of “The Heard”. That was a lot of fun, although we’ll have to make sure next time that we’re sitting in the middle (or thereabouts) and not next to people who have an interest only in being a part of the Heard, and not watching the tennis. I was very close to telling off the girls who were next to us! But other than that it was heaps of fun! Rich and I were able to score corporate tickets to Rod Laver, so we were able to get in and watch the last bit of Hewitt’s match. By the time we got in we only got to see the last game but it was still cool to say I’ve been in Rod Laver for the tennis!

Work hasn’t been too bad. My days are mostly filled with filing – we still have a backlog from when we acquired another firm and when we moved! Since Monday I’ve been working full time with the other 2 casuals as we have been destroying about half of the archiving that we have in storage! On Tuesday we chucked out 5 tonne of stuff, into the back of a truck in around 45 minutes! That was around 400 boxes weighing an average of 16kg EACH! Man, were we all tired that night or what!?! While it’s been fun to get out of the office, the novelty is really starting to wear off and we’re really starting to get sick of the tin shed! It gets quite warm after lunch and so our productivity drops greatly while the level of silliness goes up!

There’s also something else happening in the job world for me at the moment but as I don’t really know much at this stage, I’ll keep my mouth shut! But I’ll let you know what it is when I know more.

This weekend I’m off to join Richard at the beach! One of his friend’s have a holiday house there and Rich is already there! So I’ll be joining him tomorrow afternoon. Will be nice to have a break in somewhere that isn’t Horsham! And we haven’t really had a break/get-away these holidays so it’ll be nice. The weather will be perfect for it too which is good. Anyway, I’m outta here to wash the dishes and clean up before getting an early night as I have to be at work by 7:30am tomorrow!!

And as I have no idea who reads this, can you please leave a comment? Would be nice to know if anyone does actually read this!

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