As I am studying off campus this year (therefore teaching myself from the class notes etc) the uni decides to be nice and send off campus students the reader and study guide materials that are required for subjects. Around 2 weeks ago I received the reader and study guide for 1 subject, and the reader for another subject. As yet I have received nothing for a 3rd subject.

Uni starts in 2 weeks and according to the unit guides for the subjects, I should have a reader and study guide for each subject. So yesterday I emailed the unit chairs asking to confirm if the unit guide was correct in stating we needed those materials, and if so, I would follow it up with the course materials people.

Subject 1 – I have received the reader and study guide.

Subject 2 – I have only received the reader for.

On the booklist website there is no mention of the reader, so I sent an email to the unit chair asking about it. He nicely replied saying that it was almost finished and he would post it on dso for us to download this afternoon or early next week. Nice and simple answer.

Subject 3 – I have received no materials.

On the booklist website, for the 3rd year subject (the level I’m doing it at) it only mentions a textbook that we need to buy. For the 2nd year subject, it also mentions the reading pack. Now, I emailed the unit chair (like I did with subject 1) asking if the reader and study guide were needed for the 3rd year subject even though it wasn’t listed on the booklist. In the past there have been differences between the 2nd and 3rd year subjects and materials required so I thought I’d seek a clarification before harassing the course materials people.

Here’s the response I received today…..

“ I have spent a whole year writing and preparing the Study Guide and Reader for this unit. Read the Unit Guide again! Have I wasted my (il)literacy on this kind of wild goose chase? Bookstore doe snot send them out, DSO and some postal operation within Deakin does. I am not a postman, sorry (professors don’t need to burden themselves with shop deliveries matters, they need time and space to sit and think and write!). I am sure the Unit Guide tells yuo who to contact in such matters – surely not the ‘Unit Chair’, there must be a ‘Unit Table’ too.

Few students who live outside the Melb-Geelong metropolis have complained to me about this. A class complaint may be in order, but to the appropriate division.”

WHAT A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!! (I assume it is a she…’s some weird Indian name which is only adding to my dislike of Indian people)

All I was after was a clarification that yes, I did need those materials (as they aren’t listed on the booklist) and I’d follow it up with the course materials people.

So, I replied saying I didn’t realise I was asking such a trivial question and that I’ll know not bother her in the future with any problems.



anyway, we’re in the middle of a nice summer thunderstorm at the moment….nice thunder, a bit of lightning and HUGE raindrops. So I went outside to take a photo or two of just HOW HUGE they are, when my computer finished downloading an update for Picasa and then restarted my computer. DAMN THING! Luckily wordpress saved this as a draft so I didn’t lose it all! I had written it in Word but that only saved most of it, not all. So that’s all good and I’ll be posting some pics on flickr soon showing just how HUGE the raindrops are!


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