Procrastination time again

*sigh* why is it that I only ever really update this when I am procrastinating? It will be interesting to see how much I update it when I finish studying! Hopefully I’ll be able to maintain it a bit better than what I’m doing now. Another reason I’m not updating much is that I quite often feel like I don’t have much (if anything) to write!! Although….I am sure there is plenty…. work @ 2 jobs, uni, free time, trip to sydney etc…it’s all just another excuse! I’m also behind in keeping in touch with people through email – no idea why. I’m not usually on my computer a lot so that could be one reason.

It’s a beautiful sunny day here, and i’m inside writing my essay – what fun! I was sitting in the sun earlier today and doing some work….i really do enjoy my sunshine – it’s just bad luck that my little courtyard is now covered in shade otherwise I might still be out there!

3 days until my birthday and I still haven’t really decided what I will be doing to celebrate it. I really should work that out tonight (after I’ve handed in my essay!) and email people to let them know! I think this has been the most indecisive I have been….I really need to make more of an effort to catch up with people. There’s so many that I haven’t seen for age, but at times it feels like it’s just me doing the reaching out all the time, and I get tired of that pretty quickly….

anyway…………back to this darn essay! But at least I have some good music to keep my company. I’ve got the soundtracks to “Rent” and “The Last 5 years” playing on my computer. Suprisingly, I am getting a fair bit of work done while singing along!

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