….seems to be coming a lot earlier now and i don’t like it! It’s getting closer and closer to 5pm that i am closing the curtains and turning on the lights. As I sit at my computer, i have the backdoor open for Sam to come in. Outside i can smell the darkness and dampness of night and i don’t like it one bit! It’s a reminder that winter is approaching and therefore is time for wooly jumpers, coats and hot chocolates. Ok, so the hot chocolates i can definately live with, but don’t have much fondness for the other things.

Wanna know something that is NOT fun? Getting hit in the face by a frisbee during PE class. It damn well hurt and knocked me around a bit. But i must say that i am disappointed it doesn’t look like it will end up with a great big bruise. It felt like it was heading that way, but there is barely a mark any more. Definately not the best way to start the first day of the week!

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One Response to darkness….

  1. You should try faceball – it seems a little less painful than face-Frisbee….

    Faceball on Flickr

    But, as I’ve said before…. Ouch.