my new blog….

so maybe this is the post i should have written last night. oh well. doesn’t matter! I know this page looks pretty crappy at the moment but that’s because i don’t have time to kel-ify it right now! I’m into the last 3 weeks of class and so there are assignments due eveywhere. which may mean i’m updating this a bit! yay for procrastination.

I have no idea how much i will update this, but ever since the diary-x crash i know i’ve been thinking about doing this again. so i spoke to my nerdy boyfriend and hey presto! here we are! so by all means, feel free to check this regularly…just don’t expect too many updates and then i won’t disappoint you! I don’t now if this is something i will keep with or if it is just another phase. i guess time will tell.

so until next time…..seeya!

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