new phone excitement!

Nokia 6280I got a new mobile phone today. A nice looking Nokia 6280! It’s all very exciting. It’s my first new one in two years so this afternoon I’ve had lots of fun playing with it. Needless to say the study hasn’t been progressing too well!

Am slowly becoming more fond of my new phone. I have been kel-ifying it and it now looks all pretty! There is still the issue of me not being able to hear that great on it but it may be possible to overcome that with the use of a hearing loop that enables me to use the phone with my hearing aids. So time will tell how I go with that. But it has a camera and a radio (i’m a big radio addict) and lots of other funky stuff so it’s more than enough to keep me happy and procrastinating for a long time yet! 😉 hehehe.

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