assignment count: 9 to go

yup, once again i’m procrastinating. I’m meant to be writing an essay comparing two of Angela Carters stories with the fairy tales that they are (loosely) based on but of course it’s so much easier to be in here writing isn’t it? Not a great deal has been happening with me lately. Except I’ve been procrastinating waaaaay too much. But that’s to be expected at this time of year isn’t it? I have one week of classes, a week of study (that’s the plan!) and then one exam and the rest of the week to do assignments that are due and then i’m free. so bring on June 16! 🙂

I just seem to like digging holes for myself study and assignment wise. I have 3 overdue assignments and so the pressure is on a bit more than it really should be! But as usual, it’s all my own fault so I just have to deal with it. Doesn’t help that time seems to be flying by me – and it shouldn’t be – I’m NOT having fun!

3 more weeks and it’s all over. My assignments include 5 essays, 1 report, 1 exam, 1 collaborative project (that our group is starting tonight – fantatic groupwork eh?) and a number of postings on DSO – answering and and ititiating discussion on modules of work we’ve (supposedly) done throughout the semester (and yes, i haven’t done much of it yet!). The overdue stuff consists of 2 essays and the report. *sigh* it sucks. I just can’t write essays and so i get myself all in a tizz and chuck tantrums and get richard to help me. Which he does and he manages to calm me down which is wonderful!

I know this semester is harder for me than what it needs to be because I am overloading. This means that I am doing 5 subjects instead of the usual 4 so that I can (fingers crossed and all going well) finish my degree this year. So the workload of 5 subjects isn’t helping. And as usual, at the start of semester I was determined that I would get into good study habits and not let myself fall into my usual trap (which I’m currently in) but of course that didn’t happen and I’m not quite sure where I went wrong. Which doesn’t help for making changes! And I know I’ve been sick for teh past 4 weeks which has contributed greatly to my bad study habits! But i was in trouble long before that though, unfortunately.

Last night we went out for dinner for Richard’s sister’s birthday. It was chaotic – more than usual for an outing with his family! It’s ok, they acknowledge that when they all get together that is gets rather chaotic!!

I’ve also been putting photos up on flickr – well kinda. They are on Richard’s computer and he just needs to upload them for me. So when they are all up there I just had a look and they are all there! So sometime soon I shall write a post explaining them! But for the meantime the only there are photos are of my cat helping himself to my cup of water. I guess he was thirsty!

Anyway, I’m gonna be a good girl and give my essay some more attention before Richard turns up and we go to KMart! Yeah I know, what am I doing going to KMart when I should be studying? I need to print photos for my dad’s party this coming weekend so I can make a pretty (and embarrassing!) photo board and also give some photos to Grandma so she can put them on the cake.

So…..later dudes!

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