my immense dislike of assignments

well… be fair to the assignments, it is more my work ethic i have an immense dislike of. The assignments themselves, I actually enjoy. It is working to a deadline that I seem to have a teeny-tiny problem with! As yet, I have not fully complete one uni subject this semester. I have one assignment left for each subject. So this is what stands between me and my freedom. 3 essays, 1 report and 1 lot of DSO postings. Do you think that makes me work any harder or faster? Nope is the right answer which is annoying as I do want SOME time to myself before I start working full time next wednesday. Yup – I’ve got full time work over the holidays which is great. The extra money will come in handy and there is just so much to be done at work at the moment it isn’t funny! Although I’m kind of not looking forward to the remaining weeks in June as I know work will drive me nutty. But as Megan says (the other casual at work – who I’ve been working with a bit) “kel, you’re ALREADY nutty”. Kind isn’t she? Although unfortunately it is the truth!

So yeah, the procrastination is still happening at a faster rate than my work. Not good. And I really don’t like being a girl at the moment. It hurts a little too much. But of course you don’t want to read about that now! So I’m eating EXTRA healthy at the moment – more chocolate and junk than usual due to being a girl and being lazy when needing to study.

Other than the mountain of assignments and the current dislike of being a girl, life isn’t too bad. I think i can smell 4 weeks of freedom! Although in that time I will be doing some reading for my literature subject – but it’s another children’s lit subject so the reading will be enjoyable! 😉 Dad’s 50th birthday party the other weekend was good. It was nice to have a trip home that wasn’t fully rushed (we went home Thurs ngiht) and it was great to catch up with some people. The scottish theme was a hit and it was a good night in general.

LOL!!! I’m just watching the AFL E.J. Whitten Ledgends footy match and there was a streaker on the ground. It seems weird to be watching footy mid-week but still amusing! It’s a game for charity so it’s all past players, celebrities and a few comedians playing, mostly for a laugh. It’s Victoria vs the All-Stars (meaning: the rest of Australia). at the moment (3/4 time) the all-stars lead by a point.

anyway…enough rambling…..should get back to it. no doubt i’ll write more later!

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