and still….MORE procrastination!

Assignment count: 4 to go! 3 essays and 1 bunch of DSO postings

I feel like this is all never going to end! Study sucks dammit. Particularly when you have a work ethic like mine – very slack and crappy. I should be on holidays now but instead i’m about to return to full time work tomorrow and still have my many assignments to finish. No idea how i’ll get them done during the week….I’m out Wed, Thurs and Fri nights! Plus probably most of Saturday too no doubt. *sigh* it’s just never ending! Damn the social life for picking up again!

The photos you can see down the right hand side of the page were taken last weekend at the wedding of 2 good friends of mine – Naomi and Brad. It was such a nice wedding…..and the reception wasn’t bad either. Apart from the minor detail of the resturant changing hands during the week. Unfortunately this meant the service wasn’t the greatest….and after arriving at 2pm, we only received our entree at 3:30!! So yeah….that made for a very looong afternoon. Nomes looked absolutely gorgeous and I know that when it comes to my wedding day (however many years away it is) I’m going to be an emotional wreck! I’ll need to hide tissues in my dress somewhere! Out of the 4 weddings Rich and I have been to this year, this is the one I was the most emotional about and I think that was because Brad and Nomes are two very dear friends of mine and it was just lovely to see them get married! They are an absolutely wonderful couple and were even smoochier than normal on their wedding day! So with the more weddings Richard and I go to, the more ideas we get of what we do (or more importantly DON’T) want for our wedding. So who know, by the time it comes for the question to be popped, it could be all sorted! 😉 hehehe.

Anyway, enough blabbing on. I’m going to do some more reading on Shrek (yup, one of my final essays is on the movie! YAY for children’s literature!) and then I’m going to bed! I’m pretty sure my body isn’t going to like the 7:15am alarm!

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