what an engaging time!

Deary me……people must get a little bored in the winter time….In there last week there have been two engagements of people close to me. One was my Leah, best friend from high school who got engaged last Friday and the other was my 19 year old cousin Sarah who got engaged today!

I was talking to Richard about it on msn and here’s a snippet of the conversation:

Kel says:
NOW i’m feeling left out!
Kel says:
two engagements in 1 week now
Kel says:
don’t things come in 3s?
Kel says:
*hint hint*

Richard says:
Richard says:
well, deal with it!
Richard says:
you said you didn’t want a long engagement, anyway
Kel says:
ha! so you mean if i did, you’d ask soonish?
Richard says:
if WE did, i might ask soonish….
Richard says:
but WE don’t….
Richard says:
so WE won’t get engaged…

Well, I found it amusing anyway!

Leah and Anton were up in the Grampians last week having a picnic tea when Anton asked as Leah choked on the last mouthful of her burger. I’m gonna be a bridesmaid! First time ever so that’ll be fun. At this stage the wedding will be in March or October next year.
With Sarah, Adam just threw her the ring and said ‘here ya are’. Which is apparently the same as what Sparky (sarah’s dad) did when he proposed! And when Sarah ‘s mum came over for tea, sarah said something like ‘have a look at this’ and her mum was like ‘are you SERIOUS?’ To tell everyone Sarah sent a text message saying “he’s finally done it” which of course got the whole family talking and wondering if we were thinking correctly about what she meant! No idea when the wedding will be yet….but probably not for a little while.

So it looks like wedding season will continue for a little while….so far I’ve been to 4 weddings this year and there’s been 2 engagements. How many more before the year is out?

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3 Responses to what an engaging time!

  1. Richard says:

    How many more before the year is out?

    You want to know how many? no more… that’s how many! 😉

  2. Ren says:

    wow, Richard get ya butt into gear dude 😛

    don;t worry kel i won’t be getting married or engaged for a long long long LONG time. in fact. i plan to stay single forever. (my family are all palcing bets on how long that will last, pretty rude if you ask me!)

    i miss ya girl! hardly get to talk to you anymore considering for some weird reason we both have lives all of a sudden!

    keep in touch k?

  3. Ren says:

    omg i was just reading back through your posts (ok im bored) and in july i said i was never getting married for a long long time……its october and ive been married since august……..remind me never to jinx myself like that again