on holidays….

…. well, pretty much at the end of my holidays to be exact. Tomorrow is the last day of freedom and then it’s back to study on Monday. YAY. or not.

Richard and I have been spending a fair bit of time together lately! And it’s been nice! We’ve also been spending lots of MY money which has been fun but not so nice! We’ve bought all the parts for Rich to build my new computer and I’ve bought a digital camera. I’ll give you more details next time. I’m waaaay too buggered now!

We’re off to Daylesford for a nice romantic weekend so I’m really looking forward to that. I believe Richard is too. Funny that huh?

Anyway, I’m outta here to think about packing and then get some sleep!

Ren – when you read this……HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHICKEE!!!! I haven’t seen you online today (as I’ve been at work) so this is the only way I can let you know! Hope you had an enjoyable day.

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