is it spring yet?

it certainly feels that way in Melbourne at the moment. Today’s weather was a nice, warm and sunshine-filled day and the temperature was around 17 or 18 degrees. It is predicted to be the same tomorrow but with a top of 19 degrees! That’s certainly weather to my liking! And my garden (and many others too) seem to think that spring is already here and many flowers are appearing! I have some nice little daffodils that mum planted last year, and many other nice and colourful flowers in my backyard. Tis rather nice to see when I open the curtains in the morning. As I was walking to and from the bus stop today (a nice 20 minute walk one way!) it was nice to see plenty of colour in gardens as i walked past them.

I’m currently doing the rounds of uni open days to discover more information about courses and unis where I can go next year to get a primary teaching qualification. Rich and I went to the Monash Peninsula (Frankston!) campus on Saturday which is way down woop but it’s still an option as it’s a one year course. It was quite a nice campus and reminded me of LaTrobe because of the trees and the kind of ‘country’ feel that I found. Was good. Next week is RMIT, followed by Melb Uni and ACU (on the same day!) and then last is LaTrobe. Then the fun begins of trying to work out what courses to put for my preferences and in what order!

My poor eyes have to try and adjust to my new-but-old computer screen. There’s a few problems with my newly bought 19 inch widescreen so it has to be taken back, which means i’m using my old small and crappy CRT monitor. I’m not impressed and funnily enough, everything on the screen looks all squished! Hopefully it’ll all be sorted soon, but at least i still have my nice new fast computer to use! 🙂 It’s soooo much faster than my old dinosaur!

And still the engagements are all happening around us! Another 2 lots of friends have recently got engaged. Rather scary!! I really have been buying wedding and engagement cards like they are going out of fashion this year! And last week Richard’s cousin had a baby! So that was all exciting.

Other than that, not a lot has been going on. My moods have kind of been all over the place and so that affects my attitude to all things regarding next year such as whether or not i’ll get into a course (all the grad dip of education courses are very competitive), how i’ll survive financially (if i will at all), what’s going to happen regarding Rich and I moving in together, whether or not we should have a short holiday (3 weeks at the most) to celebrate me FINALLY finishing my degree – and whether or not we will be able to afford it (most likely could if we tried) and whether i should spend that money on a holiday or if i should save it for next year when i’ll really need it as I won’t be able to work much. so yeah, fun times in my mind at the moment – or not! The main thing I need to do at the moment is concentrate on my study so that I can get really good marks to make sure i get into a course, but at the same time I need to work out what course I want to get into and stuff.

Anyway, enough procrastinating! Time to study. yay.

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