in shock….

When I arrived home there was a letter from Deakin (my uni) in the mailbox. Nothing unusual as they seem to like to send letters out about anything – I’ve even received a letter regarding the Deakin Toolkit (computer programs etc) for 2007 telling me when it is available! Can I finish this semester yet?!? Sheesh!

So anyway, as some of you may know, I’m doing a Bachelor of Arts – majoring in Linguistics. The letter I received today was notifying me that the Arts department “has reviewed its linguistics offerings and decided to discontinue the linguistics major sequence from the end of 2007”. WHAT THE?!?!??! Luckily (assuming I pass all subjects this semester) I will complete my linguistics major this year but tis a major shock though. Next year only 4 linguistics subjects will be offered and they have provided alternative units to make up the required level 3 credit points but none of the units are particularly exciting! Looking at the 2007 handbook though (listing all the units available throughout the various uni faculties) it lists for all of the linguistic units that 2007 is the final year of offer. So what’s going to happen to the Linguistics department? Not offering linguistics as a major sequence is one thing but not offering ANY lingustic subjects at all is just nuts! I know the health of the lecturers this semester hasn’t been great but this is just NUTS!!! Will have to quiz my lecturers on Thursday about it all.

On a happier note…..Strawberry Tim Tams……yum!

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3 Responses to in shock….

  1. Galen says:

    Hey, old friend, girl who is a woman, and young at the same time! WordPress users RULE! (don’t we?)

    I’ll just assume you like getting a comment, every now and then, even when you least expected one, and you’ll be sure to chide me if I am in error (and I’ll be obstinate in ignoring that)! Of course, I’m not sure if you ever chide. Maybe you are not a chider. Perhaps you are the de-chider?

    And, of course again, I am often wrong about many things. Why do there have to be so many things, anyway? Like, numbers, for example. How many?

  2. rarosalion says:

    My god….. that’s… unbelievable!!!

    … they have strawberry tim tams now? 😉

  3. Galen says:

    Just thought I need to say hi…


    Do you folks want to use the meebo widget on your blogs? (It’s a chatbox thingy I just found out about and it seems to work pretty well). I thought of you and your WordPress blog, so… I guess that was all for now.

    And are the strawberry tim tams gone? (Anagram time: Strawberry Tim Tams is also Warty Timber Smarts! But it is also Bitter Martyrs Swam, and many other equally ridiculous phrases. So even if the (the tim tams) are gone, they are not forgotten!)