Cold weather go away….come back again…..NEXT YEAR!!

“Snow is forecast for parts of Victoria on Wednesday, just about two weeks out from the official start of summer.

The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting that snow could fall in Ballarat, Mt Macedon, the Grampians, the Dandenongs and the Alpine region.”

Yep…I think the above lines regarding this weeks weather say it all. It’s COLD…Too bloody cold for this time of year. I should be breaking out the skirts and singlets and shorts and t-shirts……not still roaming around the house with woolen skivvies, jumpers, pants and my ever faithful moccies! *sheesh* what’s going on??

In other news…not a lot is happening… I should be on holidays and enjoying my freedom, but in my usual Kel style I’ve managed to procrastinate and drag out my study. I can’t stand how I continually do this to myself. I have a report and an essay left so this weekend I’ll be free!!!! *sigh* then I can clean my house and stuff and reply to emails….cos I’ve been so bad at that and that’s another thing that’s been annoying me.

Anyway….back to work for this procrastinating Kel!

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